Sanjay Raja

Managing Director

Sanjay Raja has a very unique perspective on fitness and nutrition as his experience in the field of medicine and his experience as an athlete have given him a broad experience in health and fitness.

Sanjay has over 10+ yrs of experience working as a consultant with various physicians and surgeons to help treat various disease states and educate surgeons on new surgical techniques. Sanjay currently is a consultant to a number of different surgeons that include plastics, orthopedic, trauma, general, and other specialties of surgery. This experience in medicine combined with past experience as an athlete who competed in amateur MMA fights has given him a unique outlook on what he calls functional fitness and most importantly nutrition and how augmenting nutrition can help the body function better in daily lives but also how nutrition and specific meal plans could help his clients achieve their goals whether it be weight loss, gaining muscle, or nutrition for sports specific training. The biggest difference in this approach is that it is sustainable because it is a true lifestyle change with long term benefits and not a short term solution with short term results. Whether you have a job that requires you to sit for long periods of time or you are a road warrior and everything in between his unique perspective can help you achieve your goals through a sustainable approach that produces long term results based on science physiology and nutrition.


The Ardavany Approach - Master the Art of Acting

Ardavany teaches “The Ardavany Approach” to actors, writers, directors and other creative individuals at his beachfront studio in Venice, in Hollywood, and at special sessions worldwide. He has led 5 of his acting clients on to win two Golden Globe and three Emmy awards. His clients have included Josh Holloway ( ABC’s Lost), Rudy Reyes (HBO’s “Generation Kill”), and Matt Gerald (Avatar).

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Sol Time

Sol Time is an authorized retailer of fine luxury watches. Located in the Florida Mall they represent premier manufacturers with the most complete collections of luxury watches in Orlando since 1992. We have partnered with this company as they believe in our mission to educate everyone on fitness and nutrition!

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United Fight Alliance

“UFA is a premier mixed martial arts fight league viewed in millions of homes domestically and overseas as well.” They have aligned with us as they believe in nutrition and healthy living, their support only strengthens our message.

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Raja Ventures

We are proud to partner with Raja Ventures a consulting firm that helps to provide equity and marketing strategies for growing businesses that have tremendous potential.

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Earl Harris Photography

We are delighted to partner with Earl Harris photography; this photography studio works with large organizations and we are proud they have partnered with us. Check out their webpage and you will see the quality of their work speak for itself!

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Hichem Lareche Criollo Chocolatier

We are proud to partner with Criollo Chocolatier based in Orlando, FL. This premiere Chocolatier is owned and operated by a world renown master in all things chocolate. We choose our partners carefully and he has developed healthy chocolate options that not only taste great and are healthy but are incredible works of art! Check out the site for more info on this master and his edible works of art!

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Podcast Feedback

I have been meaning to tell you that I had the chance to watch fighting weight and I did see the website at This subject is really looking pretty interesting. I liked the discussion about the problems that arise in the processing of food from harvest to table. For me the issue is that I instantly think of cost when someone says organic but because a lot of the discussion was about eggs (which are pretty cheap even if organic) I am thinking I may be more on board with it. The cost of health care is going up a lot and as a result so is the medical deductibles. My plan deductible went up this year to $1500 out of pocket before anything gets paid by insurance and that causes me to look for excuses to avoid the doctor. Huge medical deductibles are great motivators! I have a shoulder injury from hitting heavy bag in January and could not move my arm above my shoulder. Because I wanted to avoid the doctor I ended up reading articles on line about rehabbing and was able to get it to the point I can now put my hand back over my head. Because it hits my pocket book, it has my attention. I think that changes in health care deductibles can really promote your brand as you make the connection of functional fitness and its role in physical therapy to promote quality of life. I do wonder if team no excuses could be adopted in business programs as companies look to reduce their health care costs. For what is worth, I liked the program and I will be checking the website from time to time. A very good show; thanks for sharing.

Great oration Sanjay Good job informing to make people for much needed life style change. Just avoid vegetarian junk and find vegetarian protein for the vegetarians.

Thanks for sharing this great healthy discussion about fitness, first time experience listening to Sanjay he sounded very knowledgeable. Did learn quite a bit after watching him speak on eating habits I need to improve even if it is too late but will try. It was a very good discussion for any one to watch and improve on ones eating habit. I have a lot to learn from you.

Listened to the interview… Omg… his food habits are so much like mine! Glad to know someone else must get 5 dozen eggs every time he goes to the grocery store and try not to look embarrassed!! Like him I was a vegetarian for so long…