Coffee K Cups!

KCUPThese little cups of convenience are very convenient for all of us who are on the go and need our caffeine fix in a rush.

We like to question everything and as such we were curious to see what if any toxins are we ingesting when using the kcups as most kcups we use are plastic.

As we know not to leave plastic water bottles in the sun because the chemicals used to make the plastic bottles can leach into the water when the bottle is heated; shouldn’t we ask the same questions with plastic kcups?

Here is what we found in our research:

1) Plastic in Kcups is designated #7 meaning it contains a mix of plastics. This creates a problem for recycling and there is no clear understanding of what chemicals are leaching into the coffee from the mix of plastics?

2) In studies it has been shown that common plastic chemicals interfere with healthy metabolism, promote breast tumor growth in animals and in human cells, significantly reduce sperm counts, increase obesity.

3) As BPA has received most of the press in terms of not being used by most manufacturers. The ingredients in common plastic items in our household for the most part are completely hidden from consumers thus what does the plastic concoction contain in #7?

4) According to an article published on USA Today website most plastic products contain chemicals that act like the sex hormone, estrogen, or xeno-estrogen(foreign estrogen). This most commonly can cause disruptions in the endocrine system.

5) Studies have shown leaching of chemicals is accelerated when exposed to every day uses such as acidic contents like coffee, UV radiation exposure, microwaving, and of course moist heat like boiling and dishwashing. In addition xenoestrogens are difficult to detoxify through the liver.

Alternatives to KCUPS – There are coffee brewing systems that allow you to program the machines in advance and they grind fresh coffee beans, and brew at any designated time as well without the risks associated with plastic kcups.

The next time you decide to use your Keurig ask yourself if the ease of the KCUP is worth all the risks associated with these little cups of convenience!

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