As a physician assistant in Gastroenterology diet is the crux of our field. From gluten free diets for enteropathy to high fiber diets for chronic constipation and diverticular disease, nutrition is discussed daily with my patients. It starts at an early age and the children’s section is very informative as well since they too suffer from chronic constipation. A high sugar diet can be so detrimental to both a child’s digestive system as well as their endocrine system. I would recommend this site to patients as a nutritional resource.

Endorsement #8

As a physician assistant in dermatology making the right food choices has been shown to improve skin health, this can be from improving acne to anti-aging super foods. Also eating certain foods has been shown to improve with hair loss. I find this site beneficial to get an understanding of healthy eating that will protect the largest organ in your body– your skin. It seems there is never enough time to discuss dietary recommendations with patients for most skin conditions and this site offers insights on how you can improve your skin health with proper nutrition. I would recommend this site to patients who want a better understanding of how your food choices can impact your skin.

Endorsement #7

In the field of alternative medicine where I practice acupuncture, I have entertained all types of nontraditional modalities to help people with chronic pain, inflammation and weight management. This is a comprehensive website that allows for patients to look at different areas of nutrition & fitness and apply the recommendations that works best for them. I find that natural, non-GMO and preservative free foods work best for my clients who suffer from chronic pain and inflammation. This site is a great portal for people to look at different products and the research behind them, also to look at labels and make healthy choices.

Endorsement #6

As an avid cross fitter, I find this website very professional and informative. It is a good resource for the most trendiest topics of discussion and very current in regards to latest information on fitness and nutrition. I practice in multiple ERs and work both nights and day shifts, so a healthy lifestyle has been the mainstay of my daily regiment. This site offers great dos and don’ts in a bullet version for a busy professional such as myself. This site is almost like your weekly update in the news but instead on living a healthy lifestyle.

Endorsement #5

Finally, I had chance to review your excellent work about hidden sugars in various so called health foods. You have done an excellent, eye opening job.

When health conscious person adds up all those hidden processed carbohydrates within those health promoting diets, will realize how much harm they are doing to themselves!

You have done an excellent pioneering work educating all heath conscious people to be aware of reading food labels very carefully and minimize sugars.

When our diet becomes like Hunter/Gatherers, our cholesterol will become like them, a 100 years ago when their average total cholesterol was 100, LDL(bad) was 50 and HDL(good) was high, 50 to 70. This in return improved our coronary and brain arteries like them, reducing heart attack, stroke and other complications of atherosclerosis and diabetes. We will also prevent waste of money in wrong foods.

Endorsement #4

I have found a lot of useful information on the TeamNoExcusesFitness (TNEF) website. I especially agree with their stance on sugar becoming an addiction for many people. The article that was posted on the site/facebook page on the effects of sugar on blood pressure is compelling. As a former PA in cardiology, I wish I had known about this website as it contains very useful information on the effects of certain foods on chronic conditions which is very helpful for patients.

One of the useful tips from the site I learned is spacing out my meals with healthy alternatives to snacking on empty calories. It has helped me to meal plan and in turn feel satiated rather than craving unhealthy snacks on a calorie restricted diet. I also learned the importance of breakfast as an important start to a healthy nutritional day which has kept me more focused during the work day .

I find the most useful information on the site to be about children; now more than ever there has been an uptick of childhood obesity that I see in the ER every day and the term “Adult onset diabetes” will soon be changed to just Type 2 diabetes. One of the main causes I see in this upsurge of diabetes is the lack of knowledge that parents have on the harmful effects of a high sugar diet. I recommend this site to patients that I see as a great source of information to educate themselves and their children on proper eating/nutrition/fitness.

As social media has become the popular choice for young adults as an informational source, the TNEF facebook page is updated on a weekly basis that is easy to read, understand and is very informative.

Endorsement #3

As an Indian physician practicing in the US for many years I have seen several diet trends go in and out of popularity. What I like about team no excuses fitness it that it is up to date on the latest trends regarding nutrition and fitness. Their motto is not “loose 10 lbs in a week” but rather their commitment to a sustainable lifestyle change, rather than yoyo dieting.

As a vegetarian it is difficult to adhere to a low carbohydrate way of eating, after listening to Sanjay Raja’s podcast, I found it helpful to look at alternative methods of healthy eating that can be vegetarian based; for example adding protein via powders or adding more bean/legumes to augment my current diet to increase my protein intake which has been a challenge being a vegetarian all my life.

I have learned through this website that small changes quickly add up to sustainable results for the long term vs short term fixes like yoyo dieting and temporary caloric reduction.

I would recommend this site to any of my patients as a useful resource for alternative recipes for vegetarians such as myself.

Endorsement #2

This is a comprehensive website, I especially like the “kids” section. I found it to be very informative and feel that more parents should attempt to do research on products in order to limit pure sugar in their child’s diet. I would highly recommend this website to parents as a useful tool to get their own kids to eat more healthy and get nutritional information on commonly eaten items.

As for the rest of the site, in regards to my diet I have used this site as a valuable tool to help limit my sugar intake and use alternative methods suggested by the website to increase my protein intake that includes healthy recipes to keep me motivated.

I have been a physician that practices both Family and Emergency medicine; diet and nutritional counseling are of a daily topic with my patients. I always speak to my patients about proper diet and exercise to help promote health & well-being and I whole heartedly recommend this site to get the appropriate non biased information all in one site.

Lastly, I find the approach that Team no Excuses Fitness takes to promote “lifestyle/lifelong change” model versus a “diet” model to be highly effective and more sustainable.

I look forward to reading the articles posted on the site that have thought provoking subject matter based on new scientific data.

Endorsement #1