Hey Team No Excuses Fans So …

Hey Team No Excuses Fans

So it is that time of the year where the holidays come upon us in what I affectionately like to call the landmine months for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. There’s lots of family and of course lots of food we probably shouldn’t be eating but we will anyways.

This is my quick lecture to you and that is enjoy this holiday season, eat what you have been craving, don’t hate yourself for it as there’s nothing worse than eating something you’ve been craving all year and then hating yourself for it afterwards; it’s okay to indulge a little bit as we always say moderation is the key but this is a friendly reminder that self-loathing will sabotage all your enjoyment for those who’ve been waiting for these holidays and festive treats all year.

Moderation is the key as this will keep the self-loathing at bay and you can always come back and get a little bit more if you haven’t had your fill but just don’t overindulge as that will cause a whole litany of problems.

Enjoy the holidays and be safe and any questions you always know where to find me!

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