Holiday Assualt

(aka McRib Sandwich)

MCRIB1MCRIB2As the holidays are upon us our friends in the fast food industry like to re-release classic food items that were once popular.

Case in point the beloved McRib sandwich! This beautifully crafted sandwich looks good in pictures and on tv and the giant billboard I just passed by.

I really enjoyed this sandwich in my younger years but as we all have become more aware of what we consume let’s take a look into the contents of this sandwich.

First off this sandwich contains a litany of ingredients that are known to cause cancer, second there are actually 70 ingrediants used to make this sandwich which by appearance should only have 3(meat, pickles, and bun)!

Some of these 70 ingrediants include the following:

The McRib Meat patty is restructured meat! This includes disposable innards of the pig such as tripe, heart, and scalded stomach which are then turned over to a process which cooks all of the pig scraps in water and salt. This process creates a patty that is loosely termed as a meat patty.

Ask yourself if it is called the McRib, where is the bone?

Cancer causing agents include: propyl gallate and BHA. This preservative is can cause promoted urinary bladder and thyroid carcinogenesis.

The bun is about the worst type of bread you can eat and has at least 40 of the 70 ingrediants we discussed…so tasty! Most notable is the bun itself contains high-fructose corn syrup that is generally accpeted to cause pancreatic cancer. As an added bonus it contains ammonium and calcium sulfate which is a common component of fertilizer.

The McRib sauce’s main ingredient is high fructose corn syrup which is accepted as a know carcinogen.

The pickle slices have questionable ingredients that include potassium sorbate a genotoxic and mutagenic compound.

Like many this sandwich I sadly enjoyed too much of as a kid. Next time your favorite fast food chain brings back a popular item from the 80s remember back then we didn’t ask what is in our food? We are now more aware and informed thus let’s keep this 80 concoction in the past where it belongs

We will analyze more favorite fast food items. ..Stay tuned!

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