Kansas City, MO

Plaza III Steakhouse

Hey Team No Excuses followers another great restaurant we went to while we were on our trips a couple of weeks ago promoting the company was Kansas City.

We went to Plaza III Steakhouse and all my Kansas City friends know about this landmark restaurant that has been around for a very long time. I lived in KC for 17 years and had never been there till now, the food was great and the service was even better!

I have lived in Florida now for over 11 years, I have to yet find a steakhouse that matches the quality of Kansas City streakhouses (Vines restaurant on Sand Lake is the exception).

People in KC just know how to do beef right! I actually had the prime rib which was amazing at this restaurant.

Steak Tartare

Filet Mignon with Scallops

Prime Rib

Enjoy the pictures as I certainly enjoyed the food that night. We will always post pics from the restaurants we go to while we go on our adventures across the country. The first pic is steak tartare, the second is filet mignon with scallops, and the third is the prime rib (that was the small portion!)

Fact: If you eat steak or a large cut of beef keep in mind that the more well done you cook it the longer it stays in your colon. If you can eat more on the rare side try it as it passes through your colon much faster. As with everything we say remember always try everything in moderation!

We will be posting more great self defense videos and uploading more nutritional tips as well this week so stay tuned!

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