Souring on Sweet? Voters In 4 Cities Pass Soda Tax Measures

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I love this measure of taxing sugary drinks as a preventive measure to help reduce the rise in obesity which can be linked to just about every major medical problem affecting the population.

In fact after Berkeley, Calif., passed a tax on sugary drinks, one study found that consumption of sugary drinks dropped by about 20 percent. And, after Mexico imposed a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages in 2014, researchers documented a decline in sales.

This is no different than taxing cigarettes as people should have the right to consume whatever they want but cannot cry foul and expect sympathy for the consequences of health risks caused by making those choices.

Sugar is being seen as a major health risk finally and as more legislation like this takes hold in other states disease states associated with obesity should also decline as well.

Take a look and decide for yourself.

Be happy be healthy and question everything!

Souring on Sweet? Voters In 4 Cities Pass Soda Tax Measures

Three cities in California, and Boulder, Colo., adopted taxes on sugary drinks, a move aimed at combating obesity.


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