BPA and ‘BPA-free’ alternative linked to fetal brain changes

Fetal exposure to Bisphenol A(BPA), as well as to the widely marketed alternative Bisphenol S(BPS), may cause “real and measurable” changes in the development of a brain region that plays a key role in fear, impulse-control, obesity and early puberty.

The study endpoint found the following: “Our finding that BPA at a very low dose alters neurogenesis and that a moderate dose did not affect neurogenesis significantly calls for a change in government-sanctioned methods of assessing human tolerable daily intake levels,” the authors wrote.”

What is the bottom line? Man-made chemical compounds such as BPA or the alternative to BPA which is BPS have long term side effects that are not widely understood because there is not enough manpower to study in detail every single man made compound that is used in our everyday household use because there are just too many of these chemicals components we use every day. So what is the solution? KEEP IT SIMPLE……meaning like food choose containers or everyday items that have the least amount of compounds in them…..example instead of plastic bottles use a glass…..

I know it sounds corny or not very scientific but the saying of KISS or “keep it simple stupid” actually holds true in so many instances! Read the article and decide for yourself.

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