Colorado Adventure

We love to travel, eat and play just like you do; With that in mind we wanted to share our adventures and experiences with you! Here is a sampling of some of our favorite activities, food and hotels, so if you are in the area check these places out.


Boulder State Park

Location: Boulder National Park, Boulder CO

Description: Great hiking trails for novice and
intermediate skilled hiking with spectacular views, lots of rocks to climb and plenty of inclines to get the heart pumping.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Location: Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park CO

Description: Great trails for novice , intermediate and advanced hiking with amazing views, steep elevations and lots of obstacles to navigate around, the journey is well worth it.

Lilly Lake

Location: Rocky Mountain National Park, Estes Park CO

Description: A very relaxing trail for those looking for relaxing walk with great views.


Eggs with green chili and avocado

Restaurant: Huckleberry in Louisville CO

Description: A protein rich dish bursting with flavor and some heat! Guaranteed to wake up your taste buds.

Veggies with Elk Loin and sweet potatoes

Restaurant: Twin Owls Resort Steakhouse in Estes Park CO

Description: Elk is an amazing protein source full of flavor, the veggies and the sweet potatos tie it all together.

Lamb patty with Feta & CousCous

Restaurant: Rijos Urban Fare in Boulder CO.

Description: Healthy dish with full of flavor and keeps you lean and mean!


“In our adventures we like to stay at hotels with personality and views’ the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park CO. certainly has all of that. The movie “The Shining” had some scenes filmed here, it is reported to be haunted, however we did not see anything paranormal. The views however were amazing, check out the sites we saw and see if you agree with us that this is an amazing hotel”.

Stanley Hotel in Estes Park Co

Hotel with plenty of personality and there is not one bad view from the hotel in site!

View form Stanley Hotel

Great view, Great weather, what more could you ask for!

Great view of snow capped peaks surrounding the hotel

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