Functional Fitness

with Sanjay Raja

What is Functional Fitness vs Personal Training?

The term personal training gets used quite a bit to entice people to make changes in their exercise routine to help achieve a goal such as weight loss, improve athletic ability, or achieve other goals. However enticing this may be it has one fatal flaw and that is for most it provides short term results that are not sustainable for the long term.

We define functional fitness as a lifestyle change for sustainable and measurable results that helps our clients not only see improvements in physical ability but improvements in how they perform in their daily lives. Our clients come from all walks of life each with their own goals they want to achieve in regards to fitness and health. We identify their goals and make changes from the way they think about exercise and the way they think about food choices. Our clients have goals such as being able to perform better at their jobs, or as simple as being able to keep up with their kids, to training them to help reduce the risk of injury for our clients that are athletes.

Functional fitness is about making changes to help improve overall health through exercise and nutrition and not just thinking about short term goals. Even the smallest changes over time can lead to big improvements in health and fitness, we give our clients the tools to make those changes and always ask how can I improve to feel even better! Functional fitness is not a trend it is a revolution, if you are interested in knowing more then contact us for a free consultation.



Bicep Iso Curls

“The TRX bands are a great tool to keep you lean and mean using your own body weight as the resistance; three sets of 10-12 reps and you will feel the pump”

Cable Flys and Biceps

“Cables are a great form of resistance training that not only target the large muscle groups but also the stabilizer muscles around the major muscle groups; this exercise works the biceps and the stabilizer muscles as well. three sets of 10-12 reps and you will feel the pump.”

Cable FLYS chest

“Just slightly augment your grip position with the cables and you can rockthe chest in just 10-12 reps; be sure to let your arms retract back far enough to create resistance and then just enjoy the burn.”