Happy New Year From TNEF

Hey team No Excuses followers! I hope everyone survived the Christmas holiday as we have been getting quite a few inquiries from followers and new clients about feeling guilty from eating poorly and not working out.

We hear everyone and we want to reassure everyone that falling off the tracks during the holidays is NOT THE END OF THE WORLD!

We heard you and in response we wanted to offer this as a start. As everyone is busy and people forget to check our website for updates that we frequently upload such as nutrition tips for kids, adults, and athletes and new healthy recipes we created the ability to allow you to receive those updates via a mailing list.

Rest assured this is NOT JUNK MAIL! We only email you if we have updated the site with new info and that is all! We can’t stand junk mail so we will not pass it to you.

Just go to the website and you will see a red bar across the top where you can click and submit your email so you will be notified when new content has been added to the site; it is that simple!

As the holidays are over we will posting new info to Facebook and the site so keep checking our page and sign up on the website if you want update notifications!

Don’t feel guilty about falling off the wagon as it is very easy to get back on track!

More to come stay tuned!

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