Hello loyal followers! As we a…

Hello loyal followers! As we are growing we are pleased to offer more services to our clients and followers.

We are excited to offer online nutrition coaching to potential new clients.

So what exactly is online nutrition coaching, who is it for, what will you receive, is online nutrition coaching right for you and why choose us?

Online nutrition coaching is for those of who are looking for help as they are not seeing progress with their current diet, those who are looking to lose weight and gain muscle, those looking to look their best during the summer months, those trying to get their kids to eat better but don’t know how, or those looking to have more energy and eat clean food but have no idea of what to make and how to make it in order to reach their goals.

Our current list of online clients include the following:

A) Families – Parents have contacted us and we have successfully helped them eliminate some of these common problems with their children including but not limited to eliminating picky eating habits, identifying and eliminating sugar addiction, providing kid and family friendly recipes that are high on taste, nutrition without the excess sugar, fat that they don’t need. These are just a few examples of what we work on with our family clients.

B) Individuals of all ages and varying levels of physical fitness – Whether you are an athlete, a weekend warrior looking to tone up, or you just need help in where to start to hit your nutritional goals we are here to help!

C) Vegetarian and restricted diet clients – Are you a vegetarian, pescatarian, or on any other restrictive diet? Our current list of clients include working with those who are from India for example as they are traditionally vegetarian and need help getting more protein and eating less carbs in their diet, we work with numerous clients who need help in supplementing their diet in one form or another.

D) Clients from around the world – Just because you are not based somewhere in the United States does NOT mean you are left out! We work with clients from different parts of the world as our methodology for clean eating and healthy living is not a local but GLOBAL movement.

Whatever your reason is we are here to help! We have loyal clients and followers from coast to coast and across the world who have taken advantage of our online nutrtion coaching program.

Sanjay Raja is an actor with credits in film/tv/commercials and the author of the upcoming book “The Food Talk”. He has been interviewed on numerous platforms including podcasts, radio stations and done live speeches on the subject of nutrition and fitness for adults of all ages and for parents who are looking for help in educating their children to eat healthy and carry those life long habits with them for the rest of their lives.

Sanjay Raja has over 25+ yrs teaching martial arts, was a former MMA fighter, and has over 10+ years exp working with medical professionals consulting them on various medical devices and new surgical techniques. Through his years of experience as an athlete and in the medical field he has worked with numerous clients in achieving their nutrition goals with a personalized plan he develops for each client to address their specific needs.

What do you receive when you sign up?
A) Personalized meal plans with recipes specifically designed to address your nutritional goals whether it is losing weight, gaining muscle or any other goal.
B) 30-60min Skype sessions or phone call once a week to address needs that come up and make sure you are on track to hit your goals and to ask any questions you want addressed.
C) Weekly access to a conference call with a community of current clients and Sanjay to discuss issues, questions, concerns and for motivation as well.
D) Unlimited access to Sanjay via text, email to address any questions or concerns.
E) Free copy of “The Food Talk” upon release in June 2018.
F) Restaurant recommendations – Don’t know what to order at your favorite restaurant that is healthy and fits in your nutrition plan; we take the guess work out of it!

Sound good! Still want more!

We are offering a complimentary 45min Skype session assessment to discuss your current nutrition plan and our suggestions as to how to reach your goals and you can decide if this online program is right for you.

To contact us to setup your complimentary 45min Skype Nutrition&Fitness Assessment hit the book now button on this Facebook page or you can reach us using the following contact info below:

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