Hey Team No Excuses Fans What…

Hey Team No Excuses Fans

What do these numbers have in common?

210, 190, 184, 175, 169, and 161?

These are all the different weights i have weighed by choice. The keyword being choice, weight fluctuations are combination of many factors including diet, health conditions, exercise and etc.

The point is the weight you want to be is a conscience choice that should be treated just like any other goal you are trying to achieve.

Your most powerful tool in achieving your weight goal is NOT fad diets, gimmicky exercise or diet products or even paying for weight watchers or other paid weightloss programs. Your most powerful tool is mindset and your desire to hit your goal. Treat your weightloss like any other goal you are trying to achieve and you will have the right mindset to attain it.

Don’t overthink it, or make it complicated, choose to do it or choose not to and once you have the mindset you have the most powerful tool on your side to make it happen.

This is a friendly reminder that mindset delivers results in all areas of our life so why not apply it to weight loss if that is your goal?

#choose to succeed
#we all need to stay focused
#ask for help but mindset is your most powerful tool


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