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FDA approved paint thinner in your kids cereal! Yummy

Trisodium phosphate, otherwise known as trisodium orthophosphate, sodium phosphate, or TSP, is well known by construction workers, and developers, but not to most shopping for their morning meal. It is an inorganic phosphate which can be detrimental to our health. It is often used in place of mineral spirits to remove paint.

It isn’t just Trader Joe’s that sells cereal containing TSP; it is in hundreds of foods, in dozens of stores, as an ‘additive’ which the FDA has called ‘safe,’ but even the activist environmental group The Clean Water Act has taken steps to limit the use of TSP in cleaning supplies because it damages the environment.

It shows up in toothpaste, hair color, processed cheeses and meats, canned soups, and even mouthwash. What kind of ‘additive’ is this anyway?

Here are some of the problems with eating TSP include:

–The reduction of bone density due to mineral leeching
–Calcification of the kidneys
–Serious irritation of gastric mucosa
–Abdominal burning
–Shock says that this substance should be avoided at all cost. Subway removed a harmful additive to their breads recently due to public pressure and subsequent petition, signed by thousands, this substance needs to be removed from all food, or ingestible items – especially cereals or baby toothpaste that children consume.

TSP doesn’t belong in a bowl of your kid’s cereal or anything we consume.

Kids Meal Example 1

Kids-meal-example-pic1We have been talking about how to get kids to eat healthy and love it.

One of the favorite meals for my twins is red quinoa brown rice sushi, lentil soup, and french cut green beans!

We accomplished this through the strategies we have listed in our previous posts and the keys to success were:

1) Constantly having our kids try new foods.

2) Leading by example, meaning if we eat it, they will eat it!

3) Always try to make their dinner colorful with different tastes and textures!

Here is Part 3 of our kids and eating healthy tips and tricks

Activities! It is our experience that kids love to be active and they enjoy physical activities such as swimming, going to the park, playing sports and etc….

Our logic is why not use their love of physical activities to help them appreciate and ask for healthy snacks!

Very simply when we speak to our clients to find creative ways to get their kids to eat healthy snacks vs junk food we advise them to bring healthy snacks such as nuts and raisins with them to the activity. Kids expend a lot of energy and get hungry and thirsty so we advise this time to push the healthy LOW SUGAR snacks with water( no Capri sun or fruit Juice as it’s loaded with sugar) as reported from our clients’ experience kids are like dogs and want their treats in the form of snacks while they are exerting themselves physically and at that point any snack will do so why not make it a healthy snack!

This also has the added effect of our clients telling us on days the kids don’t get a chance to do activities and are at home that they are asking for those same healthy snacks as they are used to them by now.

We have found you can make kids happy and feed them healthy snacks at the exact same time with no fuss just by training them to conscientiously ask for what you want them to eat!

Please share your own tips and tricks and we will continue this section with more helpful hints.

Part 2 of our kids healthy eating habits tips and tricks

SNACKS! Kids love snacks between meals and more often than not they choose empty calorie and high sugar laden snacks with little to no nutritional value!

Clients ask us how do we get our kids to eat healthier snacks and more importantly how do we get them to ask for it?

Here are a couple of simple tricks to help with getting kids to eat the right snacks:

1) We mentioned this before in our previous post if you choose to eat healthy snacks then your kids will see that and follow suit especially at an early age.

2) Healthy snacks such as nuts like almonds, cashews, pistachios are colorful and have fun little shapes. (MAKE SURE KIDS ARE OLD ENOUGH TO EAT NUTS AND NOT CHOKE ON THEM!) Nuts as these are low calorie and nutrient dense and are a fun hand held snack. Add some raisins for a kick of sweetness to mix it up. The fiber also helps with the bowel movements.

3) If you choose to reward your kids with good behavior then instead of candy reward them with this type of healthy snack.

4) Avoid crackers like goldfish crackers as they are low protein, low fiber, and have enriched flour which is a fancy way of saying they added simple nutrients to flour which has no nutritional value! Be careful of dried fruits as they contain lots of sugar and preserving agents such as sulfur dioxide!

5) Lastly try to incorporate more frequent small snacks throughout the day between meals as this will help regulate blood sugar and help prevent your kids from crashing as that is when the tantrums come out is when they are hungry and we as parents tend to just give them anything to appease them!

From my own experience my kids ask for nuts and raisins quite often, and our clients we work with have had similar results.

Give us some feedback and let us know your thoughts!

As promised here is our first posting in a series of posts we will upload regarding tips and tricks to get kids to eat healthy food and not only like it but ask for more!

As a father of 3 year old twins(boy and girl) I decided early on we wanted our kids to try new foods without hesitation as we don’t want to make separate meals and we travel so we wanted our kids to be open to new foods with very little fussing.

Some of the tricks we learned early on included:

1) If you are trying to get your kids to eat their fruits and veggies then lead by example! If they see you eat healthy nutrient dense food and enjoy it so will they as kids tend to look up to us as role models!

2) After they reached the age where they could eat solid foods we decided what we eat is what they would eat. We eat a lot of Indian food so why can’t they eat it as well. This was the standard when I was growing up and we found it still works with kids today based on the results from our own kids and those we have advised who have kids. Get them started early as eating habits form at an early age according to research and we can influence kids more when they are young vs when they get older.

3) Try to introduce one new healthy food option every week. They tend to resist at first but through repetition as kids need to see things over and over your chances of success will be much higher. We tried this with broccoli and my daughter now asks for it vs eating mac and cheese! From the clients we advised over time we have found parents usually try once and then give up! Repetition is the key and the worst thing that can happen is you keep trying and they still don’t like it so you move on to something else..

Please share your success stories and give us feedback as we learn from you as well but we will continue to post more tips and tricks…

Here is a picture of a typical meal in our house that includes the following:

1) Steamed brocoli
2) Beans
3) Chicken stuffed with spinach and cheese and no chicken nuggets!

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