New Study Finds Paleo Diet is as risky as SMOKING?

Hey Team No Excuses Fans,

It was a matter of time but we did see this coming as now the Paleo Diet is coming under fire as the study in this article points out the negative health effects of the Paleo Diet and specifically their point is eating more protein based diet is detrimental to health. What do we always say all the time? REPEAT AFTER ME: “EVERYTHING IN MODERATION!”

All of us here at Team No Excuses Fitness have been repeating this mantra to you for quite some time and it proves to be true because anytime you go too far left or on diet or ideology you are definitely going to miss out on the benefits one ideology has that another one does not address and in the case eating a complete diet that includes some amount grains and other food items that contain essential nutrients not found in the PALEO diet.

It is our job to give you all the viewpoints so read this article and make up your own mind on what type of diet is right for you. A couple of things to consider in this study we question includes the following:

  • This Study does not mention the type of animal protein source they studied that caused the long term negative health effects….was it red meat, chicken, turkey or what?
  • They studies a demographic that was 50 years of age or higher, does this increase the chances that this age group would see a more profound health effect than a younger population because of their age?

As there are a lot of unanswered questions we have about this study we take it with a grain of salt however it does prove our point that any diet that goes too far in one direction or another will have flaw so stay centered and remember enjoy and try everything in moderation! Remember anything termed “a diet” and not lifestyle change is destined to fail as a DIET is short term and Lifestyle change is long term!

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