Nutritional Education

with Sanjay Raja

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We view nutrition as a very personal experience for each individual we counsel. Much like athletes of various sports focus on certain areas of training specific to their sport we also focus on specific areas that address a personal need for each one of our clients.

All that being said there is a baseline level of nutrition that needs to be established in order to create the foundation towards a healthier lifestyle.

In our discussions with our clients that include elite athletes, weekend warriors, and those who are just trying to live a healthier lifestyle we found common trait among these groups that guided them towards successful attainment of their fitness and nutrition goals. This common trait was they all saw health and nutrition as a long term journey that they had to refine and experiment with over time in order to continue to see the benefits from the changes they were making. This is in direct contrast to those who look for short term weight loss and the preverbal yoyo dieting; the benefits of which are minimal and more importantly not sustainable at all.

We use the term lifestyle change to describe the journey when it comes to health and nutrition as a journey that lasts a lifetime. In my 10 plus years consulting with surgeons and other health care providers the term practicing medicine was always used. All the healthcare providers said they practiced medicine as it is a discipline where you are constantly learning something new and you will never know it all. The same philosophy applies to fitness and nutrition, we practice making lifestyle changes and we are constantly learning something new every day as it can never be fully mastered and that is what leaves us wanting to know more every day.