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Color Map of Food

Hey Team No Excuses fans As mentioned in previous posts we have fallen off the grid for a bit but with a purpose! Here is a quick refresher on colors of foods and the healthy properties they are associated with.…

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Eggs and Cholesterol

Another myth we want to help dispel is that eggs especially the yolk were one of the major contributing factors of high cholesterol. Eggs actually are one the MOST nutrient dense foods you can eat, so take a look at…

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School lunches around the world

Have you ever thought what schools around the world feed kids? Does every country feed their school children as poorly as we do at most schools in this country? Well we found the answer to this question; take a look…

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Breaking the Milk Mythology

Well we have been harping about how we have been manipulated by the dairy association to consume milk as the GOLD source of calcium. However all the new data we have been sharing with you has been poking holes in…

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Sugar – More Dangerous Than Salt?

Hey Team No Excuses followers, as we have been preaching about the dangers of eating a diet laden with added sugars we are seeing more and more data coming out that supports this message we have been preaching for quite…

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Detoxify Your Kids!

Well the holidays celebrations are finally over and the kids are going back to school; speaking with a large number of our clients they inform us that every year around this time when the kids head back to school their…

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Kids Cereals

FDA approved paint thinner in your kids cereal! Yummy Trisodium phosphate, otherwise known as trisodium orthophosphate, sodium phosphate, or TSP, is well known by construction workers, and developers, but not to most shopping for their morning meal. It is an…

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Dried fruit!

A popular choice for many adults and parents to give their kids as a healthy snack. We are here to tell you that is a myth as dried fruit contains one of the highest concentrations of Sulfur dioxide. Sulfites, such…

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