PepsiCo is being sued over its Naked Juice marketing

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After a long week of travelling to both east and west coast we are back to work. This article relates to an article we posted early on when our company first started regarding the sugar content of so called healthy drinks. We literally went to the grocery store and pointed out the sugar content of so called healthy fruit juices only point out they had more sugar than you average 12oz can of SODA!

This article is focused particularly on the NAKED brand juice drinks. Slick marketing and packaging have done a good job in promoting this brand as a healthy option to get your daily allowance of fruits and veggies for the day in one drink but the sugar content is so outrageous that it trumps any health benefits the juice may have.

Two very important points this article brings up:

1) Just because a particular product says there is no added sugar does NOT mean you do not check the sugar content. Case in point the NAKED brand juice drink “Pomegranate Blueberry juice, for example, accurately advertises that it is a no-sugar-added beverage, but even still a single 15.2-ounce container (the smallest option) contains 61 grams of sugar, about 50% more sugar than a 12-ounce can of Pepsi.”

2) “Consumers are paying higher prices for the healthful and expensive ingredients advertised on Naked labels, such as berries, cherries, kale and other greens, and mango,” CSPI litigation director Maia Kats said in a statement. “But consumers are predominantly getting apple juice, or in the case of Kale Blazer, orange and apple juice. They’re not getting what they paid for.”

So the lesson here is just because a product is listed as healthy, organic, or non-gmo does NOT mean it qualifies as healthy as you always need to check the sugar content on everything. Also just because there is no added sugar doesn’t disqualify it from having a lot of natural sugar thus always check it!

No wonder Pepsi which owns the naked brand juice drinks is being sued for false advertising in claiming these juice drinks are healthy.

Read and decide for yourself but the points above are valid when choosing so called healthy options for you and your children.

Stay happy, stay healthy, and question everything!

PepsiCo is being sued over its Naked Juice marketing

PepsiCo misleadingly marketed its Naked Juice brand as healthier than it is, according to a new lawsuit.


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