Subway chicken only about 50% meat, according to Canadian study

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So ask yourself this question when you absolutely have no time and fast food is the only thing you can reach for which one do you choose McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendys, or Subway?

Lot of people say Subway because it’s the apparent healthier option of the list but let’s think about this one more time as you know we like to question everything and our friends in Canada just came out with an initial study showing the chicken sandwich at Subway which it claims is very healthy well the chicken is not all Chicken in fact the study finds that subway chicken is only about 50% meat according to a study they did in Canada at Canadian subway stores. So this begs the question how much chicken is really in your chicken sub at Subway here in the states?

Read and decide for yourself and don’t forget in 2014 the chain was criticised for its bread containing azodicarbonamide aka pink slime which is also used to make yoga mats and was found in food served at other fast food chains.

Read and decide for yourself and the lesson is just avoid fast food altogether if possible!

Be happy be healthy and question everything!

#real chicken please!

Subway chicken only about 50% meat, according to Canadian study

The DNA test analyzed the chain’s roasted and sweet onion teriyaki chicken sold in Canada.


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