Those Herbal Supplements You’re Taking Are Probably Bogus

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One question we get quite often is should we add herbal supplements to our diet?

Well there is no right or wrong answer however the herbal supplement industry is not regulated by the FDA they are not subject to the same strict standards like pharmaceuticals.

That being said take a look at this article we found interesting as there should be a warning lable that says “BUYER BEWARE” as you may be purchasing high priced fillers being marketed as supplenents.

Take a look and decide for yourself but one thing we can agree on with this article is that we can get a vast majority of the nutrients we need through the foods we eat without the use of expensive supplements.

Stay happy stay healthy and question everything!

Those Herbal Supplements You’re Taking Are Probably Bogus

A new investigation shows that four out of five store-brand products contained no trace of the herb labeled on the bottle.


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