TNEF Endorsed By Medical Professionals

So what was the surprise we mentioned in the previous post? As we have been gaining momentum and growing we have attracted the support of Medical Professionals from a variety of disciplines. They have gone through our site and have actually used some of the information and applied it to reach their own nutritional and fitness goals.

We expected the medical community to notice us but we didn’t expect such overwhelming support, as they have pledged their support in the form of endorsements on our site and they are telling their patients to go to our site to get the best non biased info!

We just uploaded endorsements from the first group of Health Care Professionals and we have more endorsements coming from other surgeons, physicians, physician assistants which we will upload on a weekly basis.

In light of all this positive support we have created the Healthcare Professionals Endorsement page on the main site.

Please take a look as we are more than excited about gaining the support from the medical community!

Healthcare Professionals Endorsements »

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