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Our clients and followers have asked for it and we responded!

This is a new section we have added to help teach basic/advanced self defense for people of all ages; with a twist! We show you how to defend yourselves from the attacker POV, these videos will put you right in the action in terms of what to expect during an attack and how to defend yourself from different types of attacks. We plan to upload a new video every week that show the common types of self defense in a variety of situations. We also didnt forgot about our MMA fans as well as we are planning to upload videos on basic MMA moves that our followers can emulate as well. Stay tuned and keep checking our page as we are going to take it to the next level and make sure our followers are rewarded with the best content!

Self Defense Intro

Neck Choke Self Defense Ver 1

Neck Choke Self Defense Ver 2



Bicep Iso Curls

“The TRX bands are a great tool to keep you lean and mean using your own body weight as the resistance; three sets of 10-12 reps and you will feel the pump”

Cable Flys and Biceps

“Cables are a great form of resistance training that not only target the large muscle groups but also the stabilizer muscles around the major muscle groups; this exercise works the biceps and the stabilizer muscles as well. three sets of 10-12 reps and you will feel the pump.”

Cable FLYS chest

“Just slightly augment your grip position with the cables and you can rockthe chest in just 10-12 reps; be sure to let your arms retract back far enough to create resistance and then just enjoy the burn.”