What really happens to your body when you stop eating carbs

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So the “no carb” diet has become more popular than ever as you see it all over the place in different variations by names such as “Paleo”, “South Beach” and “Atkins” diet.

This type of diet certainly has its merits however here is a quick review of its effects on the body both good and bad.

Positive Effects include:
1) Research has shown you do lose weight
2) You do burn fat
3) You feel less hungry
4) Your heart disease and risk may change
5) You’ll feel tired

Negative impacts include:
1) You’ll probably have bad breath due the putting your body in a state of ketosis
2) You can get constipated
3) You could gain it all back

We get a lot of questions about this so our bottom line is unless you can maintain an indefinite amount of discipline and completely eliminate carbs from your diet for a VERY long time the most practical thing to do is get what you need in the short term from these diets but focus on the long term dietary goals as I have done all these types of diets from eliminating fats, to eliminating carbs to eating nothing but protein and I realized that there are merits to each diet depending on your goal but at this stage of the game I take a practical approach and moderation is key and saying never to something is especially impractical for those of us who travel a lot and you cannot find the exact type of food to keep on your diet. For me food is just fuel and not something that effects my emotions therefore I have no issues eliminating excess carbs, sugar. BUT for those that look forward to food and have emotional responses to it BE FLEXIBLE and remember if you do these diets for the long term at the cost of your happiness then is it really worth the price?

FYI…..I always always always say no to sugar and added sugar as that is something you absolutely don’t need in any amount!

Be healthy, be happy and question everything!


What really happens to your body when you stop eating carbs

Are low-carb diets safe? What happens to your body when you deprive it of carbs?


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