XYLITOLThere has been a lot of positive press about this sugar substitute however as with anything in life if it sounds too good to be true it probably is!

What is Xylitol?

Xylitol is a naturally occurring substance. It is typically derived from xylan, which is found in the fibers of many plants including berries, oats, beets, sugar cane and birch. Xylitol is actually a sweet tasting crystalline alcohol derived from Xylose which comes from certain plants.

It has even been granted GRAS status AKA generally recognized as safe status thus the safety of this product can never be in doubt right?

To add to the positive press the American Diabetic Association promotes the use of Xylitol because of the reduced glycemic index when compared to other substitutes like sucrose; this recommendation from the Diabetic association which has led to an increase in consumption in processed foods which contain this sugar substitute.

How Xylitol is Produced

Xylitol is produced by the industrialized process of hydrogenation of sugar. In order to hydrogenate a substance you need a catalyst and in this case the catalyst of choice used is powdered nickel-aluminum alloy; so we are ingesting a heavy metal residue, tasty!

There has been well established research about the negative effects of consuming hydrogenated foods such as fats and oils so if you choose xylitol then you are adding another potential health hazard to your diet.

MOST XYLITOL COMES FROM GMO CORN! Of the sources we listed where Xylitol comes from most commercially available Xylitol comes from GMO corn cobs because it is a very cheap source of xylan. Unless the packaging clearly states the xylitol was produced from a non GMO source or it is from beets or birch then you are consuming a GMO product.

Now that we have enlightened you on some of the little known truths about this wonder sugar substitute lets highlight some of the key negative health benefits:

1) Xylitol known to contribute to Gut imbalance – Sugar alcohols do not break down in the stomach as other sweeteners do thus there is only a partial breakdown of xylitol and the remainder ferments in the small intestine which is perfect medium for undesirable bacteria to grow.

2) This Gut imbalance can trigger cramping and diarrhea.

3) Xylitol can increase the incidence of acid reflux thus those
people who are prone to acid reflux should avoid it.

4) People prone to seizures of any kind should avoid xylitol as it has been documented to increase the number of epileptic attacks.

5) ONLY 2 PIECES OF GUM THAT CONTAIN XYLITOL IS ENOUGH TO KILL A RAT! That amount is equivalent to 1.65 grams which is enough to kill a 100gram rat! Granted Xylitol has been known to help prevent tooth decay, the hazards outweigh the benefits!

6) Also the following effects of xylitol have not been researched:

Teratogenicity: No information found
Reproductive Effects: No information found
Mutagenicity: No information found
Neurotoxicity: No information found

There are some additional health benefits of Xylitol however the risks OUTWEIGH the benefits! As we say with all the information we present to our followers please decide for yourself and always practice moderation!

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